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How To: Make a paper sword template

Looking to make a sword? Feeling a little bit like a ninja today..or a medieval warrior? No problem! If you are sword hungry one day and not the next check out this tutorial and learn how to make a weapon out of paper. This tutorial will show you how to make a template for a paper sword that can be used in cosplay, for Halloween or just for fun. Be careful, and try to avoid papercuts!

How To: Remove rust from your knife

The Red Hawk 123 demonstrates how to remove rust from a laminated steel knife. Rust can accumulate on a knife from a day's worth of exposure to damp conditions. To remove the rust, use water, baking soda, a rust prevention oil compound and an old toothbrush. Scrub the rust off the knife using the toothbrush, baking soda and water. Baking soda is adhesive and noncorrosive which is why it is able to easily remove the rust from the knife. This method will remove patina from the knife blade. To p...

How To: Throw a knife, combat style

In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to throw a knife as a combat style. Knife throwing is a combat skill that involves the user to be skilled in the art of throwing knives, the weapons thrown and a target. Viewers will learn all the techniques to throw a knife such as: how to grip the knife, the wrist action, the finger action and the release of the knife. Viewers will learn different throwing techniques. It provides a slow-motion demonstration of each technique. This video will benefit...

How To: Make Your Knife as Sharp as the Devil Himself

This article is written for those of you who are not satisfied with just having a sharp knife, and for those of you who would like to make your knife as sharp as the devil himself. There are many ways to sharpen a knife, and my method is just one of many, so before we begin, let me explain the pros and cons of this particular sharpening method.

How To: Fast draw a balisong knife

This video tutorial is to show you how to perform a fast draw with your balisong, otherwise known as the butterfly knife. This instructional is meant for beginner balisong users. If you don't already know the balisong knife in the video, it's a Benchmade model 42. This fast draw could be helpful as a self-defense move, but don't get too fast or you might hack your thumb off.

How To: Do a "Y2K rollover" balisong knife trick

Watch this video tutorial to see how to do a "Y2K rollover" balisong knife trick. The balisong knife, commonly referred to as the butterfly knife, has been portrayed negatively by the media and as a result has been outlawed in many areas throughout the the United States. The balisong knife is frequently associated with gangs and violence for no legitimate reason, but merely because it's frequently a "bad guy" weapon in movies and television.

How To: Close a balisong knife

This video tutorial will show you how to correctly close your balisong knife. A balisong knife, otherwise known as a butterfly knife, has an easy opening, but be careful when closing it. Don't hack your thumb off. You won't learn just one balisong closing method, but different techniques.

How To: Perform spins with a basic iaido sword correctly

This video tutorial will show you how to perform spins with a basic iaido sword correctly, safely and easily. It's a semi-detailed video lesson on basic sword spins in iaido, which is a Japanese martial arts associated with smooth, controlled movements of drawing a sword from a scabbard, striking an opponent, removing blood from a blade and returning the blade to the scabbard. Also, these techniques are used in the Korean martial art of Haedong Kumdo ?? ??.

How To: Make a knife really sharp

If you own a knife, it's important that you keep it as sharp as possible. Having a dull knife can be troublesome since it may be more difficult to use. In this video tutorial, you'll find out how to make a knife really sharp using the appropriate material found at certain stores. Good luck, be careful and enjoy!

How To: Do a palm spin with a trick knife

Hold the knife in the palm of your hand and push it with your index finger, let gravity proceed with rotating the knife, this is basically a 'grip switch' and not a complex twirl or spin. To practice, it is recommended to use a knife with a dull blade, this reduces the chance of cutting yourself on accident, and once you get comfortable with a dull blade, you can move onto a razor sharp blade, however careful use is highly advised.

How To: Do basic Tsuka-Maki (wrap the tsuka) on a katana

Ever hear of Tsuka-Maki? Nope? Well, Tsuka-Maki literally means the art of wrapping the tsuka, which is the hilt or sword handle. There is a mighty elogance and complexity to Tsuka-Maki, but this video tutorial will show you how to do basic Tsuka-Maki. You can do this on your katana, but realize this is the basic form of wrapping the hilt or handle. If you want a more permanent wrap or are wrapping a higher end sword, use hishigami.

How To: Make a homemade sword on a budget

So, you want to make a sword but don't have the means or money? Nonsense. You can make one at home with the help of everyday tools & materials. In this five-part tutorial, learn how to make your very own homemade sword at home. Materials and tools needed include: Two and half foot piece of weldable steel, adjustable plyers, electrical tape, spray paint (cosmetic - optional), bench grinder, 600B ultra fine sandpaper, 320B sandpaper, 320C sandpaper (this paper is not water resistant), a sanding...

How To: Make a cord-grip knife handle

In this tutorial, we learn how to make a cord-grip knife handle. You will need some paracord to do this. Use two separate pieces to cover the entire handle so it's comfortable and not just wrapped around. This is a grip that swords have and the way they turn. The grip should feel very soft and comfortable to handle. This is also great if you are out in the wild and need some extra paracord, you can untie it from your knife and use it. You can apply it to the knife by hand or by using a vice. ...

How To: Make a handle & sheath for your sword

Learn how to make a handle and sheath for your sword. Swords are not toys. They are very dangerous and can cause serious injury or death when used improperly. Extreme caution should be used with these utilities and children should always be supervised by an adult when dealing with power tools and / or swords.

How To: Wrap a knife handle with lanyard

Cord wrapping your knife to make a lanyard is a great way to add utility to your hunting knife while also making it easier to carry. 1. Tape a 10-foot long piece of cord to the underside of the knife handle, about an inch from the blade, so that a foot of cord hangs off the side of the tape near the bottom of the handle, and about nine feet hangs off on the side of the blade. 2. Wrap the nine-foot piece of cord tightly around the knife handle, starting a half inch above the tape, with each lo...

How To: Spray paint your pocket knife

Just like with painting the inside of your home, spray painting certain items can add new life to anything. But like regular painting, you need to have the time and proper preparation needed before you apply any paint on whatsoever. In this tutorial, you'll find out how you can spray paint your pocket knife in a short amount of time. So good luck and enjoy!

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