How To: Build a homemade butterfly knife

Build a homemade butterfly knife

How to Build a homemade butterfly knife

You want a balisong knife, but don't want to buy one? Well, this weapons video tutorial will show you how you can build your own. Just sit back, relax, don't cut yourself, and see how to build a homemade butterfly knife.

You will need some tin snips or dikes to cut some metal pieces. You'll also need some tiny, tiny screws with nuts and a pre-made blade, probably from another knife. As long as you have all of the parts, you can make balisong knives in minutes.


that is some pimp ass #$%@ keep um comming


that was pretty badass.. but wat material was it??.. i liked the song..

i ment wat did u use??nd wer u get it?..

holy #$%@ what was that song?!

man that is kick ass can you tell me the song and how you got the knife part with 2 holes

holey #$%@ dude, mad skillz, even with a 3 min homemade blade.

dude where did you get that blade??? fuqing cool as hell dude :D

i want to make a balisong, but i'm unsure which blade to buy for the blade.. any bright ideas??

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