How To: Cut and grind your own steel knives

Cut and grind your own steel knives

How to Cut and grind your own steel knives

In a small studio in Brooklyn, novelist-turned-knifemaker Joel Bukiewicz crafts knives of the highest quality under the label Cut Brooklyn. This video visits Joel in his studio and watches the exceedingly rare craft of cutting and sanding steel to perfection. He shares his tips on getting the perfect steel for the knives and how to cut and grind the steel into a beautiful fine blade. A lot of knife making is about the heat treatment, then you just have the handle left.


What steel do you use? I imagine something higher in carbon than the default (as it seems for most people who dabble in home-made cutlery) 5160, or 1060 grade of carbon steel? Tool steel; A, O, D? Or just standard higher carbon, 1070, 1080?

I have made a try at making my own weapons, but I would be disappointed in my finished product if I did anything less than feasible, applicable quality. And I don't have the time, and, hence, the patience to machine steel. If I had the machinery to make it more than an interest... With nothing more than an angle grinder and a c-clamp, you're really limited to what you can realistically make as anything other than an ultimate goal project.

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