How To: Do butterfly knife or Balisong tricks

Do butterfly knife or Balisong tricks

How to Do butterfly knife or Balisong tricks

This is some intense knife tricks including aerials, transferring, two hand staggering, two handed independence and quick draw techniques for knife handling.

This video breaks down a few basic balisong techniques. This is an introduction to the addicting world of balisong manipulation from the very basics, to advanced level. This will help with hand workout tips geared toward achiving the ultimate in inter-digital balisong manipulation nirvana. This is a video by David Fettig aka Blasto.


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you're just intimidated by the fact the kid you would bully on the playground could take you down in one flick of the wrist

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I love this guy. He is amazing.

Nice job very impressive

very impressive, please do a video in slow motion or explain the moves tnkx.

love that he continuously draws from his holsters. very impressive,I love this guy.

Dave!!! That was incredible.

i only know one person that can even compare to your expertise.hes a drug addict named whiteout...haha

fatty batty

too bad that they dont allow anything cool in my state (i live in California)

i love this guy

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