How To: Draw a sword in Kendo

Draw a sword in Kendo

How to Draw a sword in Kendo

Drawing a sword in 'kendo' is one of the martial arts of ancient time. But before performing this, one need to practice this art by using a slim, lengthy & round stick instead of the sword. Most of the people used to wear the sword in their left hip with its case, but this should not be done in case of 'kendo'. You need to hold your sword up to your hip bone level by using your left hand. By holding the handle of the sword you need to keep your sword's blade end should be at the bottom. Keep your thumb on the center of the 'tsuba' i.e. on the joining round of the handle and the blade. Hold the sword tightly with your left hand and remove the handle of the sword; this is to reduce the chance of your sword to slip down. When you carry your sword, the blade is always should be in upward position. 'Nuke' which means 'Draw' and 'Touch' means 'Sword' is the words normally used by them to get into the attack with an involvement. Draw your sword in middle of your body level by moving upwards, which may be equal to the height of your nose. Move your Right leg first and remove the sword, this helps to remove the sword from the left hand easily, then twist your left leg slightly to the direction you point towards. Place the left big toe on the same line as the right heel & one and half fist away between your legs. Both toes should be straight towards your opponent and the left heel is slightly off the floor. Place your left hand on the hip bone (You are supposed to hold the scabbard when using a real sword). These are the ways that you can draw your sword in 'kendo'. If you follow the steps in this video, you'll have a basic idea in drawing a sword in martial arts.

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