How To: Make a bog man sharpening stone for knives

Make a bog man sharpening stone for knives

How to Make a bog man sharpening stone for knives

Learn how to make a bog man style sharpening stone for your knives or arrowheads using cave man technology on this episode of Instructables TV.


how would u do it in the wild and make it like a caveman theres no pavement

easy, just find a cliff face or waterfall

is it a specific type of stone or will any stone do?

try for something abrasive like pumice or granite

Um, waterstones and oilstones have many differences besides water and oil, waterstones create a slurry of particles with faster cutting action while oilstones abrade the blades surface directly, waterstones cut faster than oil stones because of this, waterstones keep the blade slightly cooler than oilstones used with oil, water, or dry, and waterstones can create a sharper edge than oilstones of the same grit, even once you convert the different systems of grit measurements between the two types of stones. That's just touching the surface of the differences between the two. I always advise waterstones to sharpen anything as they almost always have an advantage over oilstones of the same grit.

I should also mention that waterstones wear out more quickly because of the way they sharpen, something you should know if you sharpen often.

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