How To: Wrap a strider knife with a paracord rope style

Wrap a strider knife with a paracord rope style

How to Wrap a strider knife with a paracord rope style

If you just purchased a breacher bar for your survival kit, and the handle isn't wrapped, read on and you will find an easy solution to doing it yourself. An EOD breacher bar is a military surplus multi-use hand tool, used by bomb technicians, SWAT members and police officers, for prying, cutting, or pounding. It is a bare metal bar with no wrapping on the handle. Brian, from ITSTactical, performs a demonstration for wrapping a breacher bar using the Strider knife wrap technique. Implementing this technique will require two lengths of paracord measuring 120" and 70" in length. Start by taking the longer of the two cords and doubling it to find the midpoint. Using the two innermost (of the four) holes on the bar, thread the loop of the doubled cord through the hole located in the mid-center of the bar. Put the free ends of the cord through the hole located at the end of the bar handle, then up the handle and through the first loop forming a girth hitch. Carefully tighten the hitch and leave the remainder of the cord idle for the next step. Now you will take the 70" piece of cord and place one end through the outer hole in the midsection of the bar so it protrudes approximately 2 inches. Tightly wrap the cord around the handle (overlapping the 2 inch section to secure it) working your way back to the rear of the bar, then tie it so it will remain secure. Now you will "weave" the two free ends of the longer cord around the handle to make the wrapping. To accomplish this, you will wrap one cord in a clockwise pattern and the other counterclockwise. Where the cords meet in the center of the wide portion of the bar, they will be crossed right over left forming a loop that will take the cord back in the same direction from which it came. Continue wrapping in this fashion down to the end of the handle taking care that all of the crossed loops are uniform. When reaching the end of the handle, tie the cords together to secure the wrapping.

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